When are you open?

Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm Sat 9.00am-1.00pm.Appointments outside these hours can be arranged.

How do I get to look at a property that is of interest to me?

Contact this office and make an appointment. Appointments must be confirmed by telephone on the day if made previously.

Who will show me the property?

A viewing agent will meet you at the property or escort you from our office which ever in more convenient.

Do I need a deposit?

Yes, the deposit will be 1 months rent and is fully refundable at the end of the tenancy assuming there is no damage to the property.

What references do I need?

Your reference will be carried out through ‘Let Alliance’ who will provide us with a credit check and reference based on the information you supply.They will also do the “right to rent checks” When filling in the reference form it will be useful to bring a form of identification such as a passport or driving license.

Do I have to insure my possessions?

The owners building and contents are insured but the choice to insure your possessions is for you and we strongly advise it. We have good quality policies that will provide adequate cover.

How do I pay the rent?

By standing order from your bank account.

Do you have out-of-hours emergency services for lost keys, plumbing leaks, burglaries etc?

Yes, see the contact numbers above.

How are repairs done?

Please contact the office with any initial problems and we will instruct a contractor to carry out any works required. Out of office hours, use the contact numbers below.

Please find below a list of useful numbers:-

Transco – 0800 111 999
Powergen – 0800 015 2931
British Telecom – 0845 600 6156
British Gas – 0845 608 0227

Northumbrian Water 0345 733 5566